About Leading Hands

Who We Are

Following the difficult conditions and suffering experienced by the Lebanese people, this organization was established by a group of Lebanese youth in 2019. It was officially registered in 2020 under the number 1153. Through humanitarian efforts and initiatives, we have worked tirelessly to alleviate suffering by providing effective and direct assistance, improving the lives of marginalized groups, and implementing humanitarian and developmental projects for women and men, to empower and enhance their active role in society.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide care and assistance to our communities by empowering our youth and helping them realize their full potential and contribute to economic and social development. We also strive to achieve gender equality and provide educational and professional opportunities that meet the complete needs of both women and men.

Our Mission

We make every effort to support and empower youth, promote their growth and capabilities, by providing comprehensive programs, diverse support resources, training, and guidance. Our mission is to assist them in achieving economic independence, professional success, and leadership skills that enable them to enact positive changes in their communities.



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Tripoli, Masaref Street, City Center Building, 5th floor

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+961 76 460 640